"In this session, I will demonstrate how to install, configure and use code-server. I will show you how to edit a Joomla extension and deploy and debug it. All in the browser."

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Links from Video:
Contabo: https://www.contabo.com
Devsense: https://www.devsense.com/en
Deploy Reloaded: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=mkloubert.vscode-deploy-reloaded

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00:00:00 Start
00:01:38 Codespaces
00:03:05 Code-Server
00:04:12 Contabo
00:07:40 Install
00:08:30 Starting Server
00:08:50 User run level
00:12:00 DNS
00:13:40 SSL
00:15:00 NGinX
00:19:00 Less info
00:21:18 UI
00:23:30 Devsense
00:27:20 Theme
00:29:18 Installing Extns
00:31:42 Deploy (Reloaded)
00:31:05 Github
00:35:40 Joomla Namespacing
00:42:20 Demo
00:50:50 Debug
00:59:40 Questions