Joomla! London ( talk about the basics of Email Marketing by Eoin Oliver of Square Balloon(, presented at February's #JUGL meetup.

Notes on Eoin’s talk on the Basics of Email Marketing
Presentation URL:
Countdown timers, Personalised Images, Photoshop Images, Live

Social Feeds, Rule Set Images, Data Source Images

Litmus made a nice blog showing gravatars

Free Google Analytics Email Marketing Dashboard

Spam Words List (Google for more lists)

Subject Line Tester (use in Incognito mode if you can or else clear cookies)

Examples of Interactive Emails

Free HTML Email Boilerplate
I will regularly update this please feedback or raise issues. It works with MailChimp.

Email Templates from other vendors

mine is based on this: Foundation is a web framework like Bootstrap, they made an email version

Open source email template builder without any HTML knowledge. export the HTML and import it to MailChimp etc.

Guide to what parts of CSS will and won’t work in HTML Emails

email design inspiration