By The Ark Extensions Team

What if you could add a new article to a menu from the front-end article editor? What if you could select and edit text on any page right then and there? What if you could crop, flip, and resize images to perfect, preset proportions?

Paul Franklin and Mark Smeed, directors at Ark Extensions and industry leaders in inline-editing software for Joomla, will unpack Ark’s innovative library of tools and techniques designed to revolutionise how you and your clients manage website content, from creating bespoke toolbars, to inserting Bootstrap elements such as tabs, galleries, accordions, buttons, and alerts, to creating bespoke libraries of HTML and CSS widgets, to adding and editing menus on the frontend.

To make this lecture even better, they’re giving away one month’s free subscription to all Ark’s software, with guidance on how to install and configure it. Your time spent with Ark will only improve your workflow!

Come along and see what they can do for you!