At JoomlaLondon on 18th July 2023, Geraint presented a walkthrough on the new features added to YourSites Joomla CMS management tool.

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[[ @ Apologies for occasional uncaptured questions, causing short silences, during the talk. ]]

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00:00 Start
01:30 Intro
02:10 Checking Joomla Update Sites
08:50 Global control
11:12 Database repairs
12:04 Site advisory checks
14:14 Managing notification emails
17:22 Checking site content
21:10 Changing the Layout
22:55 Changing highlight colours
24:00 Searching for specific content on clients' site
24:15 Scheduling searches & tasks
26:00 Breaking up tasks into batches
28:05 Managing sites by Tag
30:58 Content statistics
31:40 Impact on stats of caching
34:30 Lightspeed cache?
37:03 Custom fields in YourSites
40:58 Managing site backups
41:51 Analytics from YourSites
44:10 Working around clients' server load
47:23 Customising front/backend access
49:50 Checking site forms
51:44 Exporting statistics from YourSites
53:20 Notifications
57:11 Managing YourSites with teams (YourSites ACL)

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