metarefreshSimple Meta Refresh Redirect is a Content type Plugin that helps to simply redirect Joomla article pages to URL's of your choice.

Useful if you need to redirect only individual articles articles in a safe way, and to transfer to the new URL the page's Google ranking. The plugin inserts HTML meta refresh tag redirection in the output of the article. Even if this technique does not return 301 permanent redirect HTTP status code, is considered by Google as a 301 redirect and is one of recommended ways to do an one-page redirect with transferring the page's Google PageRank - PR.

Usage Instructions
You can insert Simple Meta Refresh Redirect by inserting in your article anywhere: { MetaRefresh}xxxxxxxx{/ MetaRefresh} where xxxxxxxx-is URL of the page you want to redirect to. Set up the timeout in the plugin's settings.

In the plugin's configuration you can set a timeout and a target for opening the new URL, but for the best SEO results is recommended to use the default settings (Redirect Timeout set to Instant Redirect, and Open redirect URL in new window set to No).

If you use Blog views on your page, and want to avoid accidental redirecting from those pages, it is recommended to insert the plugin code after the Read More tag - or at the very end of your article.

Also, even if the plugin has some protection for filtering out faulty URL's, for best results is highly recommended to use correct URL's, including the leading http or https!

Attention When you insert the string in your article, please make sure if there is no extra HTML code or style code in the string.
This is a Perfect String (just remove the extra spaces after opening {'s)
{ MetaRefresh}http://someurl.tld/somepage.html{ /MetaRefresh}

If you find any error or you have a great idea on how we can improve the plugin, please do not hesitate to discuss it at our Forum.

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