Welcome to VirtueMart the ecommerce managment system.

And check the Slim shopping cart for VirtueMart in the right too. It's the simplest possible demo for the simplest possible cart for VM! The only parameter you can set there is the "Show total amount in cart?" option. This defines whether the total price of products in cart is displayed or not, with simple Yes/No possibilities. Put something in cart to see how works!

The module is installing as any other regular Joomla module. Publish it in a position of your choice - most of users allready downloaded it are using a top position - and choose the parameter wich shows or hides the total price of products in the cart.

You're done!

The module supports multiple currencies - and multiple languages, whether you use Joomla's core Multilanguage tools or some external solution, as FaLang.

You can download it from our main downloads page or from JED.

If you need more support, then you can contact us via our forum or the social links available everywhere around these pages.

An example for a manufacturer