Modules are small blocks of content that can be displayed in positions on a web page. In this section you will find the tutorials and demos of the modules we are providing for download on the site.

Similar Tags with introtext and images module displays on a Joomla 3.* powered site the title, introtext and introtext image (if exist) of other content elements with similar tags.

This module allows you to create your own Module using a WYSIWYG editor. The content will be shown only when your site is accessed via a given domain name/list of valid domains set in the parameters. Useful on sites with multiple parked domains. Check the right side modules, you will see that there are different instances shown depending on the domain you are on.

Install as any other Joomla module.

Available parameters:

Prepare Content:
Optionally prepare the content with the Joomla Content Plugins.
Select a Background Image:
Select or upload an image that will automatically be inserted as an inline style for the wrapping div element.
Domains where the module content will be shown. Comma separated list of allowed domains, withouth any prefixes or postfixes. (, is OK,, is wrong


tags cloudThis Module displays tags used on the site in a simple cloud layout. Tags can be ordered by title or by the number of tagged items  or random, and limited to a specific time period. Number of displayed tags, colors of links and background color of the module can be set from the parameters.

Recommended for webmasters who want simple, fast loading sites. Based on Popular Tags core module.

You can see it everywhere in the site in a module position.

Show your visitors that you care about security!

By installing this module you can show your hackers that you aren't a sitting duck waiting them to hack your site anymore. Even better, trust seals have been shown to increase conversions by more than 10%. And you will receive affiliate rewards when visitors sign up and pay StopTheHacker for service after clicking certain links in your detailed trust seal security information

The Dropdown Tags Module displays all tags in the site in a dropdown menu linked to Joomla's tag specific page.